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Calming Waters - media: CD Disc and shattered tempered glass

Calming Waters - media: CD Disc and shattered tempered glass


Title: Calming Waters

Media: acrylic paint, CD disc, foil, shattered tempered glass, mortar, resin on wood.

Size: 14"X 14"

Created: 2023


Introducing 'Calming Waters', a stunning eco art piece that's sure to captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. Made by artist Karen Kristine, this unique creation is fashioned out of repurposed CD discs, shattered tempered glass, and other common media, acrylic paint, gold and silver foil, grout and resin, all on a 14"x14" wood round. The soothing color scheme is centered around tranquil shades of teal and browns, and combined with the careful construction of the piece, this creates an incredibly calming effect.


This isn't your average piece of art – the eco-friendly materials used in its construction make it truly special. Karen Kristine is dedicated to using repurposed media, making each piece she creates entirely unique and one of a kind. The attention to detail in 'Calming Waters' is impressive, and you can see the artistry at work in every inch of the piece. It's truly a masterpiece that's been crafted with care and creativity. Add it to your collection and feel the tranquility wash over you as you bask in its beauty.

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