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Sea Turtle - "Instinctive Journey"           *Sold

Sea Turtle - "Instinctive Journey" *Sold


This piece is SOLD but a similar yet still unique one is being created as I update this!

The sea lover will find this sculpture intriguing and inspiring.

The sea turtle itself is inspirational from the moment it hatches and races towards the sea. Driven by instinct it just keeps going through a journey called life.

This sea turtle's shell was created by using CD disc which is made using a proprietary technique and color is applied by hand in layers of greens, blues and browns. The shell is then trimmed by weaving copper wire in a beautiful pattern. The body is hammered metal which is hand painted for additional color.

This sea turtle finds itself swimming among plant life made with epoxy and rooted in real sand with a sea shell accent. The base is a pine wood round.

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